We present to all our lenders the new Loan tool that will help them improve their yields in a simpler and more comfortable way.

Good-Express is a tool born from the recommendations of our users, and we are pleased to be able to open it after a great effort from our team.

“Good-Express” will allow you to make loans to our applicants automatically. You choose the rules and voila.

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

  • You will not have to access your account every time you want to fund a loan.
  • You will avoid losing credits that you were interested in funding, but you did not have time to do so.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Imagine that you have 20 thousand pesos available in your Loan account, and you want to fund credits with the following characteristics:

  • Loan amount for credit: $ 500
  • Annual rate: 16.9% to 28.9%
  • Term: 12 and 24 months
  • Credit Destination: All

In the traditional way, you would have to filter and fund 40 different credits manually. Now, with “Good-Express”, you can configure your account so that you automatically make loans of $ 500 pesos (or the amount you choose) to applicants who meet those requirements, without having to enter your profile daily.

With “Express-Express” you can combine the rules as you prefer: you can automatically lend by rate or qualification, credit destination and payment term, as well as configure the amount you want to fund by credit.

Loan developed a funding algorithm that allows loans to be automatically funded with the criteria you selected in the most equitable way possible for all our lenders.

Which are the requirements?


Have money available to lend and that the value of your account is equal to or greater than 10 thousand pesos. When you have funded the limit amount you set, we will notify you by email so that you renew or restore your criteria and amounts.

Set up your lender account, and relax while your account grows.

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